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Training Opportunity

/J /e, 2018


This 16-hour workshop is an interactive presentation with hands-on activities led by two professional instructors who are deaf or hard of hearing with extensive experience in public safety. Participants will be able to demonstrate effective strategies of communication with people who are deaf or hard of hearing by:
1. Explaining how effective communication reduces trauma to victims during events, emergencies, or disasters;
2. Outlining effective communication prior to, during, and after incidents of public safety involving including those
with other access and functional needs;
3.Comparing various sub-groups and their communication needs;
4.Recognizing and avoiding legal and safety missteps;
5.Demonstrating how to deal with stress from communication barriers when assisting people who are deaf or hard of
Who should attend? Public safety professionals including: fire and emergency medical services personnel, public health professionals, emergency managers, healthcare workers, public information officers, law enforcement personnel and emergency planners.
Instructor Chris Littlewood, M.Ed. is a late-deafened adult.  He is an instructional designer and educator who has worked nationally as a self-advocate for people with disabilities and access and functional needs, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Chris’s background in law enforcement civilian roles, as an educator, and as a technology project manager has led him in the last 10 years to be a national subject matter expert in inclusive public safety and emergency planning. Chris has also served on the FEMA National Advisory Council as the Disability Advisor.
Instructor Carole Lazorisak, MA; RID: CDI, RSC is a Master Mentor, a certified ASL instructor, a Deaf interpreter, an
interpreter educator, and a workshop facilitator. She is a retired, CUNY tenured faculty member. Her expertise is in
communication, language and cultural studies, interpreting, assessment, and training. Over the years, Carole has been an advocate for access and public safety locally and nationally.  She has direct experience with emergency management in New York City and is a survivor of Super Storm Sandy. 
June 21 - 22, 2018
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Bay County Emergency Services
700 Highway 2300
Panama City, Florida 32409
Casual clothing is recommended. Shorts, tank tops, offensive T-shirts are unacceptable. Law enforcement personnel not in uniform who are carrying exposed firearms must prominently display agency ID and/or badge at all times while attending training. No tobacco use allowed.
Registration Link: Register Here
For assistance: 727-344-8027
Contact: 727-341-4631 


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