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Core Services


Independent Living Skills Training: Instruction and skill building for living independently with a disability. Topics may include cooking, budgeting, transportation and social skills training.


Information and Referral: Community information and referral assistance to other organizations and agencies to help persons with disabilities. 


Peer Support: Persons with disabilities helping and supporting other persons with disabilities.


Advocacy: Educating consumers about the rights of persons with disabilities, assisting individuals in learning laws to self-advocate and work within the system to bring about change.


Transition Services:  Youth--Assisting High School students with disabilities transition out of public education settings and into Post-Secondary, Employment and other settings.  Nursing Home--Assisting persons with disabilities to receive services to avoid placement in a nursing home setting or to assist those who are residents in nursing home settings to begin to transition back into a community setting. 




Contact Info


Disability Resource Center


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