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Day of Caring: Glenwood Community Cleanup

Glenwood Community Cleanup


United Way’s Day of Caring aims to bring together volunteers from all walks of life to join forces in beautifying the Glenwood Community area. As part of this initiative, we will be focusing on cleaning up litter, removing debris, and sprucing up communal spaces to create a cleaner, safer, and more inviting environment for all residents.  Volunteers will be provided with all the necessary supplies, including gloves, trash bags, and trash grabbers, to ensure a safe and effective clean-up operation. Whether you’re an individual looking to give back to your community or a group representing a local organization, there’s a role for everyone to play in this endeavor.

Parking Location:

Parking for the event will be conveniently located behind the Glenwood Community Center. In the event that parking behind the community center reaches capacity, overflow parking will be available across the street in the vacant lot.

Registration and Supply Distribution:

Upon arrival, participants are kindly requested to proceed to the designated registration area, located under a labeled tent behind the community center. Here, you will find our registration team ready to assist you with check-in and provide you with any necessary supplies for the clean-up activity.

Restroom Availability:

Restrooms are conveniently located inside the community center for participants’ use during the event.

Additional Details

  • Is Family Friendly
  • Is Outdoors
  • Inclement Weather Plan: In the event of inclement weather, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of all participants involved. Therefore, our Inclement Weather Plan entails rescheduling the event if weather conditions are not conducive to carrying out our activities safely. Should weather conditions, such as heavy rain, thunderstorms, extreme
    temperatures, or any other hazardous conditions, pose a risk to the safety of volunteers and participants, we will promptly initiate the rescheduling process.
  • Is Not Wheelchair Accessible
  • Water will be provided.
  • Please wear closed toed shoes
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